Bronica Entrepreneurship Center

Bronica Entrepreneurship Center was funded in 2004 at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion, in order to enrich the entrepreneurial culture at the Technion and to become a focal point for all students, faculty and staff wishing to embark on innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

Bronica center three’s pronged mission: teaching, research and outreach, is intended to encourage technological start-ups and enhance relations between academia and industry.

The main activates include:

  • eClub- entrepreneurship club meeting once every two weeks with a prominent entrepreneur to expose members to all aspects of entrepreneurship and learn from people that have already "done it". Recent research shows that investing in online gambling is a decision that many entrepreneurs make. It is an attractive business to start, popular among different groups of people. Have a peek here if you want to see how an authorized online casino looks like.
  • BizTEC- national entrepreneurship competition. The participants are mentored by the best in their prospective fields and the team that wins gets also funding for their idea.  More about bizTec click here bizTec website
  • Business consultation- for entrepreneurs in their first steps to those who already have a product ready for sell.
  • Academic Courses- the Technion offers 17 academic courses in entrepreneurs through various departments and faculties. 

The service is designated for Technion's students, alumni and staff, and is free of charge

To learn more about the Bronica Entrepreneurship Center visit our website.